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Thought on Thought

Thought on Thought

All thought is not reality.

Our thinking is a nonstop river with thought that serves us and is real but also thought that is fake and without logic.

Thought doesn’t discriminate between reality and make believe. Life becomes happier and more peaceful when we understand this and are not scared of our thinking.

Most humans suffer from insecure or problematic thinking which they’re not conscious to or understand. Humans think it’s the world outside causing pain which isn’t true. When we don’t understand our thought and that alot of it just isn’t real or logical, we live in the dark and are innocent victims to insecure autopilot. The understanding that all thought is not reality sets us free!

We can then be aware of our thought and choose how to respond and what thoughts serve us and create peace. Jealous thinking, insecure thinking, angry thinking, stubborn thinking etc many times doesn’t have any logic to exist in our lives and many times just stems from fear.

Thinking creates feeling which creates how we experience life as humans. Understanding how the system works changes the game 100 fold for the better.

Happy Investing,

Chris Robinson

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